December 13, 2013

September 15, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Tyeron actually wants to spend more time with me now that I'm pregnant. He did me all night and this morning. I find myself masturbating more cuz he leaves me so sensitive and gaped. It just reminds me of what he did. I find myself being wet more. I'm not sure cuz how much more he's hitting it. Haven't spoke with hubby. Tyeron wants me to stay with him tonight. OMG. What do you think? You think hubby will be back?

Forget about hubby. Enjoy Tyeron’s cock while you can. Soon he will want to fuck other women who he can get pregnant. If you want to stay with him I suggest you get involved and help him knock up other women like you. I love helping my guys spread their seed.

September 14, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Well I had Tyeron take me in my martial bed. He wanted it while hubby was at work. He actually started to say if I wanted a black baby. Than he said" fuck that, I'm gunna put in black baby in you. OMG! I lost it. I told him to make me his babies mama. I came so hard, he actually said I passed out. But I had a out of body experience. I go next week to get on the pill. They have to do a test for pregnancy. I scared. What if in pregnant? What do I tell hubby? I swear he bruised my cervix.

I looked at your blog, congratulations! Don’t bother with  your husband. celebrate the positive. Now that you are pregnant does Tyeron still want to fuck you? Do you still masturbate? What do you think about when you do?

September 7, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Hello. Well, it's hard not to be with hubby cuz I love him. But now I can't feel him at all. Tyeron keeps telling me he wants to permanently ruin me for hubby. I get wet every time he says that. Is that bad? Tyeron told me Monday that hubby is not to cum in me anymore. Last time he came in me was Friday I think. In the last two weeks hubby has came in me once, Tyeron has came in me almost everyday 2-4 times. Do you think Tyeron is trying to get me pregnant? OMG! What if I m??

Of course he is trying. And by the sounds of it he has probably succeeded. It would be a shame if you had to waste your time growing your hubbys weak white baby in you when it could be Tyeron’s strong black baby.

You should embrace it. When he is inside you tell him to cum in you and knock you up. He will love it and the sex will be even hotter (if you can believe it).

September 3, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Oh, forgot to add. Tyeron only let's me be with him after I've been with him. He doesn't want me showering and he makes me promise to have hubby go down first. I'm so naughty. He's so dominate and his this power of me. What do ya think?

I  think, why bother with your husband?

September 3, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Hello. Well he's been doing every day except Saturday. He's came in me every time at least 2 times. OMG. And he stays hard. The other day I thought I was going to pass out cuz I came so hard. He makes me squirt so hard. His cock is prob around 10 in. And I can't get my hand around it. Lol. OMG! My period was two weeks ago. Do you think I'm pregnant?? I tried to get him to use a condom but he broke one. So no. I have made love to my hubby twice but can't feel him at all.

Have you been letting your husband cum in you?

September 1, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Hello. Well it happened. You were right, I tried to have him wear a condom, and he just started kissing me deep, put it in. I'm very sore, even to wipe. But I lost count how many times I came. He even made me squirt which I didn't know what that was. I'm just worried as he did me, he kept marking me up with love bites. I hope my husband doesn't see. Even after he came he was still hard. How long will I stay open down there? My husband was asleep when I got home. Black men are definitely hot.

Well done! I knew you would love it. White cocks will never feel the same again. Are you even considering sex with your husband?

Where were you in your cycle? If you were  ovulating or close to he will almost certainly have made you pregnant. How do you feel about that?

How many loads did he shoot into you, and what positions did you fuck in?

Oooo hehe describe  his cock to me. I love descriptions of black cocks! They make me so wet.

August 27, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Hello. Thank you so much for getting back to me. Tyeron invited me to go out for drinks today or tomorrow. I told him I would think about it. I have never been with anyone other than my husband. Will this guy make me looser for my husband and what if I make love to my husband will he feel the difference? Tyeron looks to be prob around 8-9 limp and thick. And of we do it you said no condom. Should I wait to tell my husband or what should I do? Thanks for talking me about this. No one knows. :)

Don’t worry about your husband. Just go. Once you feel Tyeron’s cock inside you you will realise what I mean. Trust me. He won’t fuck you with a condom anyway, black guys always split them.

August 26, 2013

lovejenny69-deactivated20131015 asked: Hello. My name is Jenny and married that a great guy. Only problem he is only 4.5 in. And cums really fast. I've only been with my husband and always get hit on by black guys. I'm a petite blonde. Recently started working with a hot black guy and noticed he was really hung. Like half way to his knee hung. He flirts with me a lot and I feel bad. Everytime I go home my panties are soaked. Can you give advise please?

The only option is to fuck the black guy. Your husbands small size and premature ejaculation will never give you the pleasure you deserve. He will also never give you the strong babies you deserve. Make sure you are fertile and there is no protection when you fuck a black man, it enhances the experience and enables you body to receive the superior genetic material it needs.

August 3, 2013

aslut4bbc asked: Is your second pregnancy going to be mixed child?

Of course! But I’m not sure exactly what hehe… There are three guys who could be the daddy.

  1. Francois - He is a refugee from the Congo, darkest black I have ever seen.
  2. Bobby - he is mixed race himself, white mom, black dad. Fabulous dreadlocks and lovely light chocolate skin.
  3. Gan - a Chinese business man I just couldn’t resist… His cock was only 5in but it felt weirdly awesome!

Oh, and its a girl!

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